Renew Boston, Mayor Menino, save energy save money

Boston 500!

Will you be one of 1,000s of Bostonians who are taking action to stop losing energy and money?

Get your no-cost home energy assessment!

Renew Boston is designed to ensure that ALL BOSTONIANS have access to energy efficiency services. During the Boston 500 Challenge in June 2013, our community partners signed up over 500 Bostonians to weatherize their homes. Another 500 signed-up by September 1st!

By signing up 1,000 residents for Home Energy Assessments, we collectively:

  • Prevented 448 metric tons – equal to more than 50,000 gallons of gasoline – of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Saved $100,000
  • Prevented noxious emissions that cause asthma
  • Helped to create green jobs

Email for more information.

Call 635-SAVE (7283) to sign up for Renew Boston via phone.