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Energy Efficiency for Businesses and Large Condos and Co-ops

Businesses, and large condo associations and co-ops (with greater than 4 units), increasingly face significant financial challenges due to rising energy costs. Renew Boston in partnership with NStar, National Grid and RISE Engineering provide Boston businesses with technical assistance and financial incentives to lower the impacts of high energy costs.  This Direct Install program can pay for up to 70% of the total cost for retrofitting lighting and mechanical systems.

Renew Boston’s Small Business Direct Install program is designed for businesses whose average monthly demand is less than 300kW. This program will help you incorporate energy-efficient lighting and controls, high-efficiency mechanical equipment, natural gas measures and other energy-saving strategies within your current facility. Click here to see a brochure about the Direct Install program.

How do I sign-up?

Businesses and large condo associations and co-ops located in the City of Boston should contact our partners at RISE Engineering at 800-422-5365 x 6122 and we will work with you to determine the best energy-efficiency options to meet your business needs.

What are the program features?

1. Free energy analysis to identify energy-savingopportunities at no direct cost

2. Direct installationof qualifying equipment byour program contractors

3. Financial incentives that cover up to 70% of the total installed cost and are paid directly to the vendor by NStar and National Grid

4. Fast return on investment with the program’s financial incentives, with energy savings typically paying for improvements in less than one year

5. Financing available 0% up to 12 months

Renew Boston Direct Install program offers customers a single source of information, technical assistance and financial incentives for energy improvements. It provides customerswith resources in all phases of their projects, from exploration and planning through installation.

What  energy improvements are available?

A variety of energy-saving services are available through the Direct Install program. In many cases, replacing existing equipment with high-efficiency equipment will result in significant energy savings.  A sample of energy-efficiency upgrades for which Renew Boston and its partners will provide rebates includes:


• High-efficiency lighting

• Lighting controls

• HVAC tune-ups

• Refrigeration and cooler measures and controls

• Motors and variable speed drives• Other site-specific measures


• Spray valves

• Thermostats

• Pipe insulation

• Duct insulation/sealing

• Low-flow showerhead

• Faucet aerator

• Boiler reset controls